Setup your Facebook App for Chatbot

Setup your Facebook App for Chatbot

Step 1

With your Facebook Developer account, create an application via

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Go to the Application Dashboard and click “Add Product” and select “Messenger” under the Product Settings.

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Step 2

Getting your page AccessToken:
In the Token Generation section, select your Facebook page. A Page Access Token will be generated for you. Copy this Access Token.

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Step 3

Getting your page identifier:
Go to the Facebook page you own/admin > “About”
By the form end, you can find the “Facebook Page ID”.

Step 4

Configure the application Webhook:
In your Facebook Application page, mainly in the Webhooks section, you can subscribe the webhook for a specific page.

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To proceed with the configuration of your Favizone chatbot, please follow these steps:
– Insert “” : In the “Callback URL” input.
– Insert “FACEBOOK_VALIDATION_VERIFY_ME” : In the “Verify Token” input.
– Check these options : messages, messaging_postbacks, messaging_optins and messaging_referrals In “Subscription Fields” section ,
– Click then on “Verify and Save” button.

Step 5

Associate the Application to the Facebook page:
At the Facebook Application page level, at the Webhooks section, select the Facebook page where you will activate your chatbot.

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Now, the application is on the development mode, only admin and tester can test the chatbot.
To allow Favizone team to test your chatbot, please allow our Facebook account to access to your application, the following example describes how to add the “Admin” role to Favizone on your application:
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Our Fb_Id is: 100011648042877

Step 6

Configure your Favizone chatbot:
From the menu on your Favizone dashboard account go to:
Chatbot -> General configuration, and insert the page access token and your page identifier.
Click on the button “Validate” to save your data.

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